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October 08 - TalkTalk Business Sessions Failing to Reconnect Details

Resolved [08/10/2019 15:26]

The cause has been located and service has now stablised. If a connection hasn't returned please power cycle the router to force a reconnection attempt. Apologies for the disruption witnessed.

August 30 - Emergency DC5 Core Router Upgrade Details

Completed [30/08/2019 00:10]

The upgrade was successful and cleared the fault condition as suspected. We have been monitoring for the past hour and have not seen any further instability.

August 29 - Connectivity Outage Details

Resolved [29/08/2019 17:42]

We are seeing services restored now. If any connections remain offline please reboot the routers. The root cause is under investigation.

July 25 - VPS Platform Details

Resolved [25/07/2019 15:42]

The issue with the VPS platform has been resolved and it was due to a denial of service attack against the platform. We have worked closely with our mitigation service and transit provider to ensure this will not happen again.

We have also investigated with them why this incident did not get detected in the manner it should have been, and this was due to a configuration issue at their end. Assurances have been provided this has been rectified. In addition to this, we are looking more closely at network level to see what further and additional protection could be put in place to further prevent this from occurring again.

Our apologies for the disruption this has caused.

July 19 - Emergency VPS Maintenance Details

Resolved [19/07/2019 11:25]

The maintenance is complete now and services are back up and running.

July 10 - VPS Platform Details

Resolved [10/07/2019 12:40]

The attack has now been isolated and brought under control, so normal service show now be witnessed. We apologise for the disruption witnessed this morning. We are continuing to monitor the platform carefully.

June 24 - VPS Platform Details

Resolved [10/07/2019 09:10]

June 01 - VPS Platforem Details

Resolved [01/06/2019 15:30]

We believe the issue with the VPS platform to be resolved. We will be monitoring the service closely over the next few hours to ensure all continues to be well.

May 29 - Virgin Media Fibre Break Details

Resolved [30/05/2019 12:29]

The fault was resolved with all circuits restored by 13:35.

Full notes from Virgin Media Business surrounding the handling of this fault can be found here:

We apologise again for the prolonged outage which affected working hours.

April 15 - BT Wholesale Interconnect Details

Resolved [17/04/2019 17:19]

BT have confirmed that a line card needed to be reloaded in order to resolve the issue, we consider services to no longer be at risk.

Please let know if you have any further concerns.

April 10 - Network Issue Affecting DC5 Data Centre Details

Resolved [15/04/2019 15:26]

The problem was localised to 1 rack of servers following a PDU failure.

April 05 - Virgin Media Leased Line Outage [London & Surrounding Areas] Details

Resolved [05/04/2019 13:02]

The affected circuits appear to have been restored. We have received no further communication from Virgin, so please consider service to be at risk.

April 04 - SSL Warnings For Sending / Receiving Mail Details

Resolved [24/06/2019 09:09]

February 25 - Communicating With TalkTalk Business API Details

Resolved [25/02/2019 12:23]

TalkTalk's systems appear to be operational again. However, please consider them to be at risk as we have not received any communication from them to confirm that everything is back to normal.

February 14 - Control Panel Access Details

Resolved [14/02/2019 11:22]

The issue has been resolved. The cause was linked to a connectivity issue between the servers in the cluster.

January 18 - Internet Routing Issues Details

Resolved [18/01/2019 10:11]

The issue with routing has been resolved, we apologise for any inconvenience caused this morning.

If you continue to have any problems please contact the support desk with specific examples.

December 14 - Network Maintenance At Equinix LD8 Details

Completed [14/12/2018 01:31]

The maintenance is now complete.

December 05 - Server 33 Emergency Maintenance Details

Completed [05/12/2018 10:29]

The maintenance is now complete.

November 15 - Broadband outage in Yorkshire Details

Resolved [15/11/2018 17:33]

October 25 - Server 36 Emergency Maintenance Details

Completed [26/10/2018 01:58]

The server rebuild and data restoration is now complete.

October 15 - Virgin Leased Lines Details

Resolved [16/10/2018 08:59]

Virgin have supplied the following reason for outage:

"In relation to the issue identified in the London area regarding loss of service. This issue was fully restored at 20:43 yesterday evening when a faulty DC output breaker was discovered at our Hayes hubsite and services were moved away from it onto a different output breaker. All services have been stable since that time."

October 10 - Control Panel and Webmail Details

Completed [10/10/2018 23:57]

October 05 - Broadband outage in Keighley, Bradford and Bingley Details

Resolved [09/10/2018 12:05]

All services are back working now.

October 02 - Linux Shared Hosting Emergency Maintenance Details

Completed [02/10/2018 10:19]

The maintenance is now complete.

September 26 - BT Wholesale based connections down Details

Resolved [02/10/2018 09:47]

September 25 - TalkTalk Business portal and API issues Details

Resolved [25/09/2018 12:11]

This issue is fully resolved now.

September 20 - FTP Proxy Issue Details

Resolved [20/09/2018 17:37]

The FTP proxy service is now back online.

September 13 - Domain Renewal and Registration issues Details

Resolved [13/09/2018 17:24]

This issue is fully resolved now.

September 12 - Details

Completed [12/09/2018 15:03]

VPS host VPS1 requires an emergency reboot. We apologize for any disruption caused.

September 09 - Webmail and Control Panel Access Details

Resolved [09/09/2018 22:02]

Earlier this evening, we experienced an issue with our core SQL cluster which prevented access to our webmail interfaces and access to our Control Panel. This was resolved around 21:30 BST.

September 06 - Network Maintenance Affecting Dedicated Servers Details

Resolved [09/09/2018 22:03]

We believe all issues were resolved successfully on Thursday morning.

September 06 - Network Maintenance 06/09/2018 Details

Completed [09/09/2018 22:03]

Work completed around 2AM BST.

September 03 - Shared Hosting Email Access Details

Resolved [03/09/2018 12:50]

Service has been resolved. Apologies for the disription caused. Engineers are working to ensure that this doesn't repeat itself.

August 23 - MySQL on Server 60 Details

Resolved [23/08/2018 09:30]

MySQL has been restarted and the issue has been resolved.

August 22 - Shared Hosting Email Access Details

Resolved [22/08/2018 13:22]

The issue has been resolved. Mail is starting to flow again, although there may be a slight bottleneck for the platform to process. Apologies for the disruption witnessed.

August 15 - Linux Shared Hosting Emergency Maintenance Details

Completed [22/08/2018 13:24]

July 05 - Network Connectivity Issues Details

Resolved [05/07/2018 16:54]

This issue appears to be resolved now, although we are monitoring the situation carefully.

Reason For Outage - TalkTalk identified an issue with a third party peering provider, Iomart, who incorrectly advertised a subnet. This was a highly unusual event, and hopefully one we never see repeated.

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