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Networking Issue19/02/2020 12:36

Update [19/02/2020 13:10]

The issue was related to LINX (the London Internet Exchange), which has now been resolved and would have potentially affected several Internet providers in the UK. We are awaiting a full RFO from them to confirm the cause.

Investigating [19/02/2020 12:36]

We are receiving reports of a networking issue affected broadband and leased line customers. This is being investigated at the moment to determine the cause and any action required.

Outage Affecting ICUK Network / DC5 Data Centre11/02/2020 20:46

Update [14/02/2020 11:53]

A reason for outage has been provided from our data centre:

Update [12/02/2020 00:56]

The remaining Virgin circuits are now reconnected. A problem with the line card as well as the NTU slowed restoration.

The shared mail platform is functioning, although there may be a few delays as it catches up. No emails should have been lost.

Customers with remaining isolated issues are advised to email in to our support team highlighting any circuits or server numbers they have issues with.

Apologies again for this evenings difficulties and resolution times. A full RFO will be published in due course.

Update [11/02/2020 23:41]

We are continuing to bring more services back online.

We are aware of one Virgin ENNI which is failing to come back, affecting some leased line customers.

Please be rest assured we're doing everything we can to restore remaining services as quickly as possible.

Update [11/02/2020 22:36]

Services are continuing to be restored including affected leased line circuits and VPS. Apologies for the time this is taking to restore.

Update [11/02/2020 21:33]

A power issue affecting the data centre has been the cause of this evenings issues. Services are being restored as quickly as possible. We apologise for the disruption caused.

Investigating [11/02/2020 20:46]

We are currently experiencing an issue in our primary hosting data centre affecting many the shared, VPS and dedicated server platform as well as some network connectivity for broadband and leased line customers. This is being worked on as we speak, and we hope to have this resolved ASAP.

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